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2015 Chapter Officers

APA Minnesota Leadership Directory

General APA Minnesota phone:
Otto and Peggy Schmid, Chapter Administrators
phone: 888-882-5369

Breanne Rothstein, AICP
Phone: 763-231-4863
Cell: 612-423-5476

Tim Gladhill
phone: 763-238-7946

Tina Goodroad, AICP
phone: 763-496-6751

Treasurer &
Conference Comm. Advisor

Adam Fulton, AICP
phone: 218-729-3618

Central District Director
Crystal Paumen, AICP
phone: 763-576-2728

Metro District Director,
Conference Advisor

Bryan Gadow, AICP
phone: 952-404-5312

Metro District Director
Tracey Kinney, AICP
phone: 651-293-6866

Metro District Director
Suzanne Rhees, AICP
phone: 612-259-5586

Northwest District Director
Wayne Hurley, AICP
phone: 218-739-2239

Southwest District Director
Bradley Chapulis
phone: 507-372-8640

Northeast District Director
James Gittemeier, AICP
phone: 218-529-7556

Southeast District Director
Jason Gilman, AICP
phone: 507-457-6337

Student Director
Leila Tripp
phone: 608-770-1739

Student Representative, ex officio
Darin Newman
phone: 715-613-6052

Citizen Planner Director

Legislative and Law Committee Co-Chair, ex-officio
Paul Mogush, AICP
office: 612-673-2074

Legislative and Law Committee Co-Chair, ex-officio
Andrew Mack, AICP
phone: 218-766-8993

Awards Committee Chair, ex-officio
Lyssa Leitner, AICP
phone: 651-430-4314

Faculty Liaison, ex-officio
Carissa Schively Slotterback, PhD, AICP
phone: 612-625-0610

Minnesota Design Team Liaison, ex-officio
Sam O'Connell, AICP
phone: 612-373-3815

Planning Minnesota Co-Editors, ex-officio
Jonathan Maze and
Haila Maze, AICP

phone: 651-493-5743
phone: 651-493-3724

Conference Co-Chair 2015, ex-officio
Kristina Nesse
phone: 763-452-4833
cell: 612-656-9798

Conference Co-Chair 2015, ex-officio
Jeff Thomson
phone: 952-939-8293

Professional Development Officer, ex-officio
US Green Building Council, ex-officio

Rita Trapp, AICP, LEED AP
phone: 612-252-7135

Professional Development Officer, ex-officio
Elise Durbin
phone: 952-939-82856

Professional Development Officer, ex-officio
Jane Kansier, AICP
phone: 952-230-1256

Planners Emeriti Liaison, ex-officio
Bob Worthington, AICP
phone: 952-933-8689

Legislative Education Coordinator, ex officio
Thomas Jensen, AICP
phone: 763-780-4839

AICP Representative
Lee Brown, FAICP
phone: 320-523-3768

Eric Schmid
phone: 612-605-1520

Breanne Rothstein, AICP, President Breanne Rothstein, AICP

Phone: 763-231-4863
Cell: 612-423-5476

I'm excited to throw my hat in the ring for the APA-MN Chapter president! I have been a volunteer with the chapter since 2008, and am continually impressed with the level of commitment from the APA-MN volunteers, especially the annual conferences. It is for this reason I would love to be a part of the executive board.

Being a native to Minneapolis, I grew up with a passion for cities and how they operate. I graduated from Augsburg College in 2003 and promptly started grad school. Upon graduation from the Humphrey Institute, I was ready to start working in the field of my vocation. I recently accepted a position at WSB and Associates after 7 years as a city planner for the Cities of Ramsey and Minnetrista.

I currently live in Minneapolis with my husband Mike, new baby Lucy, and dog Bailey (she is not enjoying her new, second rate status in the family!). Lake Harriet is our favorite hangout for walking, running, eating, and attending concerts. I'm active on my neighborhood organization, Windom Community Council, which is a fun way to contribute my professional skills on a volunteer basis.

Tim Gladhill, Vice-President Tim Gladhill

Phone: 763-238-7946

I am excited to announce my candidacy for Vice-President of the American Planning Association - Minnesota Chapter. I hold a Bachelors of Science in Urban and Regional Studies as well as Geography from Minnesota State University, Mankato. I also hold a Masters of Geographic Information Science (GIS) with a Minor in Public Policy from the University of Minnesota. I am currently the Development Services Manager for the City of Ramsey, providing guidance for the Planning/Zoning and Building Inspection activities for the City. I began my career with Ramsey as a temporary Maintenance Worker in Public Works and understand the outcomes of the decisions we as Planners help support through thoughtful analysis and presentation. In my current role, I provide support in long-range planning, zoning administration, financial analysis, and budget management.

As the Chapter's Vice-President, I plan to work to increase communication amongst our members, especially through our Chapter's website and social media outlets. As we look to a new website project manager, we have an opportunity to create a fresh website that is easy for our organization to update and disseminate timely information. I desire to explore a website built on a content management system that facilitates easier updates to website content by our Board and Administrators.

In 2011, I served as the Conference Co-Chair for the state conference in St. Cloud. I was extremely excited to work with such an amazing group of colleagues. I was equally impressed with the quality of sessions that were presented at the 2012 state conference and the amazing work that our members provide to their communities. The conference sessions and networking have motivated me to become a better Planner and encouraged me to strive for greater achievements. With this opportunity, I promise to continue to facilitate the flow of information and experience among our members and continue to drive our Chapter as a model for others to follow.

Tina Goodroad, AICP, Secertary Tina Goodroad, AICP

Phone: 763-496-6751

Thank you for the opportunity to run for Secretary. My experience includes 19 years in community planning in multiple sectors including serving as a City Planner, as a developer and now as a consultant for the past six years where I serve as Senior Planner/Project Manager at Stantec. My work as a consultant focuses on comprehensive planning, small area plans and special studies, zoning and form based codes and day to day assistance to communities.

During the course of my career I have benefited greatly from the APA Minnesota including the trainings, conferences, blogs and camaraderie that is always present at these events. As Secretary, I believe this is my opportunity to serve and give back to APA Minnesota and will work hard to maintain and expand the resources, training, events and education that support and informs our profession.

I believe I am well suited for the position of Secretary as I am a very organized person and believe strongly in reliable communication in all aspects of my work. I will offer positive measures to help maintain efficient meetings with consistent communication. Goals that I have as Secretary will be to continue transparency of the Board and its actions to all members through meeting agendas, reliable minutes and summary of action items. Thank you for your support and the opportunity to serve.

Adam Fulton, Treasurer Adam Fulton, AICP
Treasurer & Conference Comm. Advisor

Phone: 218-729-3618

Adam is the Community Development Director for the City of Hermantown. As Chapter Treasurer, Adam has worked to ensure that APA-Minnesota continues to maintain an effective and transparent budget to serve members. He has been privileged to serve as Treasurer since 2008. He hopes to build upon the great work done by prior volunteers, providing the high level of service and responsiveness expected by members. Priorities as Treasurer include furthering the goal of reaching out to citizen planners, working with the legislative committee to reach its goals and objectives for the organization, and, with the help of the organization's many volunteers, continue to provide a quality state-level conference each year.

Adam has a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Design and a Master's Degree in Urban and Regional Planning, both from the University of Minnesota. On a day-to-day basis in the City of Hermantown, Adam works on a wide variety of zoning issues and development / redevelopment projects, and provides assistance and direction for the City's stormwater and wetland management programs.

Crystal Foust, Central District Director Crystal Paumen, AICP
Central District Director

Phone: 763-576-2728

Crystal is currently the Senior Planner in the City of Watertown. Prior to coming to Watertown in 2006, she worked in economic development in the City of Hutchinson and planning in the cities of Jordan and Sauk Rapids. She graduated with honors from St. Cloud State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Community Development.

Crystal has been actively involved as a member of APA Minnesota and has participated in several committees including conference program committee for several years. She was appointed to the Board in 2001 as the Central District Director. The Chapter has taken great strides to offer members more opportunities to be engaged, informed, and educated through website updates, blogs, newsletters, legislation initiatives and training opportunities. Crystal appreciates the opportunity to serve and looks forward to continuing to be part of the Board as we take proactive steps in the coming years.

While on the Board in the next two years, Crystal would like to focus on increasing partnerships with St. Cloud State University and other key entities, offering diverse education/training opportunities for professional planners as well as citizen planners, and provide available opportunities for ongoing certification maintenance credits within the district. As the planning profession continues to change, we too as planners must change. APA Minnesota together with the Board can provide ways to “Ride the Waves of Change” as the most recent state conference was titled. As a board member, Crystal will continue to strive for innovative opportunities that meet the needs of the members, ways to network, and learn how others address the changing climate in the profession.

Bryan Gadow Bryan Gadow, AICP
Metro District Director, Conference Advisor

Phone: 952-404-5312

Thank you for the opportunity to run for one of the Metro District Director positions. For those you do not know me, I am the City Planner for the City of Wayzata, where I specialize in land use, zoning, and historic preservation planning. Prior to joining the City of Wayzata in 2007, I worked as a Planning Intern for the City of Golden Valley, and served as an L.P. Cookingham Municipal Management Fellow for the City of Kansas City, MO. I have a Masters Degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the Humphrey Institute at the University of Minnesota, and a Master of Public Affairs in City Management and Urban Policy and a Bachelors degree in political science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

I first became involved in APA MN in 2008 serving on the events committee for the State Planning Conference in Duluth. I also had the privilege of serving as a co-chair of the 2010 State Planning Conference in Mankato, where I worked with great volunteers to put together a fun and educational conference.

My interests in serving on the Board are to continue to strengthen partnerships between APA MN and other organizations, including the Association of Minnesota Counties and the Association of Metropolitan Municipalities. In addition, there are also opportunities to enhance our networking efforts to provide planners with avenues to learn about the unique and exciting work that is occurring around the state. Finally, I strongly believe that one of our most important directives is to provide high quality educational opportunities for our members.

Tracey Kinney, AICP Tracey Kinney, AICP
Metro District Director

Phone: 651-293-6866

As one of three Metro District Directors, Tracey strengthens relationships with Metro planners and area organizations. She has been involved with MN APA since 2013 when she first served as co-chair of the programming committee for the Midwest Planners' Conference.

Tracey believes communities, places and authentic engagement matters. She innovates through urban design with a background in planning, landscape architecture and architecture. As a consultant to the Saint Paul Riverfront Corporation, Tracey manages projects, design reviews and events as Design Center Coordinator. Her energy and passion is best experienced during a workshop she is leading. Her tools and facilitation help communities be co-collaborators in the planning and design of their neighborhoods. She leads design reviews that engage developers, designers and City Staff prior to site plan review application and helps proposals move from good to great. Tracey also is active in her own community of Columbia Heights serving as a member of Planning and Zoning Commission. With 15 years of experience, the result of Masters of Urban and Regional Planning, Masters of Landscape Architecture and Bachelors of Art in Architecture, Tracey is committed to helping the Metro District work on society's biggest issues and the solutions that matter most to them.

Suzanne Rhees, AICP, Metro District Director Suzanne Rhees, AICP
Metro District Director

Phone: 651-259-5586

My experience includes over 20 years in community planning and zoning, with an emphasis on urban design and innovative development codes. Since moving to Minnesota in 1992, I have worked as a consultat with municipal and county  goverment, nonprofits and neighborhood organizations throughout the state and sometimes as far afield as Wisconsin and Iowa. Currently, I am employed as a Senior Urban Planner in the Urban Design Studio at Cunningham Group Architecture in Minneapolis. I hold a Master's Degree in City and Regional Planning from the University of Pennsylvania. My residence in Minneapolis with husband, two teenagers, and three cats (which everyone agrees is one cat too many) and am an enthusiatic bicycle commuter, boulevard gardener, and player of traditional Irish music. This is an exciting time to be involved with the APA Minnesota. Since the National Conference this spring, interest in planning and engagement of planners in the organization seem to have reached a new level. I’ve been involved with the Chapter for as long as I’ve lived in Minnesota, as a newsletter editor, member of various committees, and most recently as committee co-chair for the national conference’s AICP Community Planning Workshop. I currently serve as secretary of the Legislative Committee, and am encouraged by the growing interest in establishing a role for the Chapter as a resource on all planning-related issues at the Legislature. As a district director, I would work on strengthening relationships between APA Minnesota and related organizations such as the U.S. Green Building Council chapter, MASLA, AIA and the CNU. I would also continue to work with the Legislative Committee and assist in organizing the annual conference and other training opportunities for members. As the author of various articles in local and national planning publications, I would continue to write for the newsletter and other publications on topics of interest to the profession. All that and the occasional happy hour or social event can continue to make APA Minnesota a more visible and vibrant organization!

Wayne T. Hurley, AICP - Northwest District Director Wayne T. Hurley, AICP
Northwest District Director

Phone: 218-739-2239

Wayne Hurley is the Planning Director for West Central Initiative (WCI), a regional foundation that serves nine counties in west central Minnesota. Following the dissolution of the Regional Development Commission in the region, WCI took on some of the planning functions that the RDC used to perform.

Wayne began work as WCI's transportation planner in 1998. He is currently responsible for supervising all of WCI's planning activities, including the transportation planning, community development and GIS programs.

Wayne graduated with Honors from St. Cloud State University in St. Cloud, Minnesota with a Bachelors degree in Local and Urban Affairs.

In addition to his duties at WCI, Wayne serves on the City of Fergus Falls Planning Commission, and has previously served on the City of Fergus Falls Heritage Preservation Commission and various city and school district committees. Wayne lives in Fergus Falls, Minnesota, with his wife and their two daughters.

As Northwest District Director, Wayne's primary interests are to promote planning in Northwest Minnesota, to make the Chapter more accessible to APA Minnesota members in Greater Minnesota and to work towards increasing membership in the Northwest District.

Bradley Chapulis
Southwest District Director

Phone: 507-372-8640

Bradley Chapulis is the Director of Community/Economic Development for the City of Worthington. An employee with the City for the past 15 years, his responsibilities include planning/zoning administration, rental housing enforcement, economic development, flood plain management, and supervision of the City's Building Official. Brad is recognized by the National Development Council as a Certified Economic Development Professional and is a co-founder of the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity. He currently holds various leadership positions within several local and regional organizations (i.e., Southwest ED Professionals, and Southwest Regional Development Commission).

Brad is originally from Chicago, Illinois and obtained his Bachelor's degree in Community and Regional Development from Iowa State University. Prior to working for Worthington, he worked for the Cities of Mason City, Iowa and West Des Moines, Iowa. Brad is married and has two daughters (ages 6 & 8). Brad's interest include basketball, football, swimming, and golf.

As the Southwest District Director, Brad is committed to being the voice for SW district planners and will continue to improve educational and professional training opportunities within the district.

James Gittemeier James Gittemeier, AICP
Northeast District Director

Phone: 218-529-7556

I have been an urban planner for nearly ten years, seven of which have been working at the Arrowhead Regional Development Commission (ARDC) on transportation planning issues. I have a Masters of Urban Planning degree from the University of Kansas. I have worked as a planning intern for the City of Chesterfield, Missouri, while pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Affairs degree at Saint Louis University. I have also worked as a city/county/MPO planner for the City of Topeka/Shawnee County, Kansas Planning Department. I am currently a Senior Planner for the Duluth-Superior Metropolitan Interstate Council (MIC) which is a division of ARDC. My work is primarily focused on bicycle and pedestrian issues that face the urban area of the Duluth-Superior region.

I have developed strong working relationships with the local and state planners in this area, including those with the City of Duluth, St. Louis County and Mn/DOT. In addition, a huge benefit of working at a regional development commission is that I have also been able to keep up in contact with the planners and the issues confronting the Arrowhead region.

My vision for this position is to continue the good work of Chuck Froseth, particularly in regards to providing regular opportunities for CM credits. In addition to continuing the good work Chuck has provided this district, I also plan to enhance our community discussions on planning issues as well as more actively involve the urban planning students in UMD’s Urban and Regional Studies Program.

I appreciate all the effort to improve Minnesota APA and look forward to working with all of you.

Jason Gilman, AICP Jason Gilman, AICP
Southeast District Director

Phone: 507-457-6337

Since September of 2011, I have been very fortunate to serve as the Planning Director for Winona County, Minnesota. I hold a Bachelors of Science Degree from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in Landscape Architecture where I also completed additional planning related graduate coursework. I am a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners, APA and the Urban Land Institute. I have served on the Wisconsin APA Board as well as the Wisconsin Downtown Action Council Board of Directors and am an adjunct professor for State and Local Politics at UW-La Crosse. I have over 25 years of public and private sector planning experience. The Winona County Planning and Environmental Services Department has been recently responsible for updating the County’s Comprehensive Plan, drafting regulations and policies for industrial sand mining, grant-writing for public infrastructure projects, economic development initiatives, zoning ordinance review and amendments, water planning initiatives, solid waste planning and providing planning assistance to Winona County municipalities.

Chelsey Armstrong Leila Tripp
Student Director

Phone: 608-770-1739

My name is Leila Tripp and I am a first year student working toward my Master's degree in Urban and Regional Planning at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, with a focus on transportation and sustainable design. I am originally from Madison, Wisconsin and moved to the Twin Cities to obtain my B.A. in Architecture from the University of Minnesota's College of Liberal Arts and focused my studies on environmental sustainability. During my undergraduate education, I was credentialed as a LEED Green Associate and volunteered with the Stevens Square neighborhood as a youth tutor at the Loring Nicollet-Bethlehem Community Center. I have lived and worked for the past five years in the Twin Cities and have also lived in Finland and Denmark, where I studied at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad. I plan on incorporating my background in sustainable design in a public service planning career.

I am ready to help out and be available to anyone who is also interested in becoming an active part of the urban planning community. I am excited at the opportunity to extend my organization and communication skills towards the student representative position for my community at the Humphrey School and help facilitate connections and valuable activities with other members of the American Planning Association.

Darin Newman
Student Representative, ex officio

Phone: 715-613-3052

Bio coming soon.


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